CNC Centerless Grinding Machine

CNC Centerless Grinding Machine
CNC Centerless Grinding Machine
Product Description

In order to meet clients's different requirement,we are manufacturing and supplying more than 20 models of different CNC centerless grinding machine which can be used for grinding cylindrical, conical outer circle and the other rotary forming workpiece outer circle process. The centerless grinding machine can not only do rough grinding, fine grinding,polish grinding, rapid infeeding, but all grinding detail could be control precisely during processing.


Our CNC centerless grinding machine has the character of continuous processing, no need to retract,workpiece clamping fixture etc. Assistant time shortly, production efficiency highly.


Technical specification:

Grinding diameter of centerless grinder: 1mm-400mm

Max Length of workpiece: 80mm-590mm

Grinding wheel size: 400mm-600mm

Guide wheel size: 220mm~450mm

Grinding Accuracy: IT6~IT7

Roundness: 0.001m0.006mm

Roughness: Ra0.016Ra0.64

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